Theocracy Of The Black Race – Rebirth of a Nation

Our Self-Determination Liberation Time Has Come “The World Community is Waiting for our Rebirth – Let Us Not Fall for Just Reparations Which They will Offer To Blind Us From Filing our Freedom Papers Internationally!

International Official Documents on Black African American Negroid – Yahudym BAANY  – DUE TO THIER AMERICAN GOVERNMENT TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE COLONIZATION


International Instruments

Reports of the Secretary-General

Reports of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent

Private International Law is the legal framework composed of conventions, protocols, model laws, legal guides, uniform documents, case law, practice and custom, as well as other documents and instruments, which regulate relationships between individuals in an international context. The United Nations, OAS plays a central role in the harmonization, codification and development of Private International Law in the Worldwide.

One of the principal components of this work of International law apprehension led by Yahweh Elohim prophecy fulfillment context, These instruments cover various topics and are designed to create an effective legal framework for judicial cooperation between Sovereign Nation-States and to add legal certainty to cross border transactions in civil, family, commercial and procedural dealings of individuals Worldwide.

Yahweh Tsidkenu President of International African American Millennium Human Rights Center has undertaken projects on specific topics in the field of Private International Law, including Secured Transactions and Arbitration. This work is in furtherance of the mandate given by the the United Nations Charter, OAS General Assembly as follows: “International Law” (AG/RES. 2886 (XLVI-O/16) for our Self-Determination under International law:

• To instruct the Black African American Negroid – Yahudym  BAANY International African American Millennium Human Rights Center of  and in International Law for their eventual freedom from continued foreign race, nation human rights violations of atrocities, oppression, racism and government lawlessness, as part of the activities envisaged in the Rebirth of the Black Nation-State Program,… to continue its training of Yahudym judges and other officials in effective application of international law, treaties on enforcing arbitral decisions and awards, with strict respect for due process and the sovereignty of each state and in compliance with international law; to continue promoting the Model Law on Secured Transactions among member states; and to raise awareness of the work of the BAANY International African American Millennium Human Rights Center Juridical Committee, including on principles on privacy and personal data protection and on the Model Law on Simplified Joint Stock Companies (Section i., para.2);

• To instruct the Department of International Law to promote among member states further development of private international law, in collaboration with organizations and associations engaged in this area, including the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the Hague Conference on Private International Law, and the American Association of Private International Law (Section i., para. 3).


Project for the Incorporation of the Afro-descendent Theme in the Policies and Programs of the Organization of American States (OAS)

Training Afro-descendant Leaders in the Americas Project

Draft Inter-American Convention against Racism and Discrimination

2011 – International Year for People of African Descent

International Decade for People of African Descent

GA Resolutions

Dissemination activities

International Instruments

Inter-American Instruments

International Fora and Conferences

United Nations Mechanisms




BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN NEGROID – YAHUDYM BAANY Distinct Culture race people of the Caucasian American Colonial government Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Descendants

“Yahweh/God governs in the affairs of men

Theocratic Rebirthed Kingdom of Kehunna

This idea is known as “Providence.” God intervenes in human history and alters what would otherwise be the “natural” course of events. He does this in response to prayer, to judge evil, or to bless righteousness.  which claims that God wound up the world like a clock, started it ticking, and walked away, never again to interfere with “natural law.” The ancient Hebrew Forefathers believed in the Providence. They believed Yah/God governs.

As human beings created in the Image of God, we are to “exercise dominion over the earth” following the blueprints of God’s Law.

A well-governed society, in the Christian conception, depends upon “self-government.” It depends upon the people obeying the Lawgiver spoken of by Isaiah. It depends upon people conforming their lives to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” which Blackstone correctly said were to be found “only in Holy Scripture.” Teaching the Bible in public schools was therefore “necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind.”

God governs when we obey YAHWEH commandments.

The vast majority of Americans, victims of educational malpractice, believe that under a “Theocracy,” a group of men — priests, ayatollahs, mullahs, monks — govern the rest of us — in the name of God. If your society believes in a god that commands a priesthood to rule over others, then this is the kind of “theocracy” you’ll have. 

The Black African American Negroid – Yahudym Founders in America intends our government to be a Hebrew Israelite Theocracy.

Any nation that claims to be “one nation under YAHWEH” is claiming that God is over the nation, and therefore that nation is a “Theocracy.” Any government that will not admit that it is “under God” is a government that claims it  is  God.

I have been sent by our Yah to set the house of BAANY  Yacov in order “RESTITUTION IN INTEGRUM” Advocating and RESTORING the BAANY minority  “Kehunna Theocracy.”

International position

Under international law, a serving head of state has sovereign immunity from the jurisdiction of the courts of other countries, though not from that of international tribunals.  This immunity is sometimes loosely referred to as “diplomatic immunity“, which is, strictly speaking, the immunity enjoyed by the diplomatic representatives of a head of state.

International law will treat the QODESH KEHUNNA, essentially the central government of the Hebrew Ecclesia, as the juridical equal of a state.

The Political Affairs of a diaspora nation still exiled in foreign subjugated lands power has historically rested within that chosen select group of leadership among themselves piercing the veil of life and death to free their people from an oppressive governmental society at an appointed time of great terrorism against them. “Yahweh Tsidkenu”


To any all entities, persons, government agents, mercenaries, etc any documentation concerning the official agent of this organization is has been filed with our friends under International law, any threats, harm, danger, Harassment, intimidation, or the like under “color” of law will be monitored of any all hurt, harm, against the person, life of Yahweh Tsidkenu and or associates, affiliates, will become a provocation under International law.

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